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Frequently asked questions

When will i receive my Grocery Box?

All Grocery Box deliveries will take place 2-3 days after your payment has been received. This will continue on a weekly basis until cancelled.

Can i Upgrade/Change/Cancel my subscription?

Yes! To upgrade/change or cancel your grocery box subscription

  1. To change or cancel your grocery subscription, log in to your PayPal account at
  2. Go to your Profile, and click "My money"
  3. Then in the "My pre-approved payments" section, update the agreement.
  4. Should you then wish to upgrade to a new subscription package simply select the Grocery box you wish to continue with and follow the on screen instructions.

Can i have more than one subscription?

No! PayPal restrictions mean that you can only have one subscription with us per PayPal account.

I need some more help... How can i get in contact?

Simply send us a message via our live chat system or send an email to Please note: For queries relating to upgrading or cancelling your subscription, You must follow the steps above as we're unable to control the subscription from our side.

I can't login to my PayPal account.

As PayPal is a third party service who securely manage payments on our behalf, Please contact PayPal in the first instance. The most up-to-date contact information can be found on the link below: